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We are Football. We are Baseball. We are Basketball. We are Lacrosse. We are Track and Field. We are Flag Football. We are Soccer. We are Tennis. We are Volleyball. We are Sports.
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Sports Classes

Calling all Parents…We are excited to announce our new Youth Sports Classes. These classes will introduce running, jumping and physical play to kids 3-14. We want to share our love for being active to kids to encourage them to be physically active too.

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Flag Football

Not ready for tackle? Been playing and still don’t understand the basics? Miss Football and want to get back to the action. LBS Flag Football is for kids between the ages of 5 and 11 to learn football in a fun and safe environment.

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Get You Moving

G.Y.M. is a program to get kids moving. Kids are less active than ever before and we designed this program to get them moving while having a ton of fun! During Thanksgiving Break, we are offering G.Y.M. at Edge Family Fitness.

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Individual training is for athletes looking to improve their skill set. Team training is for teammates who are looking to train together and win together. This is a great way to ensure athletes are in condition and ready for the long season ahead.

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Register here for any of our training programs or sports classes. We have limited space in our programs so register now to guarantee your spot today.

About you

We do more than train, LBS creates athletes

League Bound Sports is committed to building young athletes. LBS is a youth training program geared towards elevating the athlete to the next level and increase their muscle memory.
We love sports! We are sports.
We want to spread our love and knowledge of the game to our youth. Our coaching satff brings in a wealth of knowledge through experience and leadership.
LBS has trained hundreds of athletes from youth as young as 5 to college players to NFL Super Bowl Champions.

Our Alumni

Thanks to our athletes who have trained with League Bound Sports and have helped to build LBS to the success it is. These professional athletes have trained with our Head Coach. They are truly the best of LBS.

TJ Ward

NFL Superbowl Champion Denver Broncos, Safety
TJ “Boss” Ward made an immediate impact to the Denver Broncos. Coming out of the University of Oregon, TJ was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in the 2nd round. He signed with the Denver Broncos, and soon after won a NFL Super Bowl.

Eddie Pleasant

Houston Texans, Safety
Eddie Pleasant attended the University of Oregon and plays Safety for the Houston Texans.

Walt Thurmond III

NFL Super Bowl Champion NFL Cornerback
Walt Thurmond III, won a Super Bowl Ring with the Seattle Seahawks. He was an essential part of the Legion of Doom Defense. Walt is a Duck, where he played Cornerback at the University of Oregon.


Hear what some parents are saying about their kid's experience with League Bound Sports.

Join Movement Prep

This is all about running and jumping all the while having fun. This class is for 3-5 year olds. Classes starting at Edge Family Fitness in Wilsonville, OR. We are excited to add this class to LBS.

Calling all 3-5 year olds…

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